How do I empower myself in a system that is designed to constantly oppress me? The desire to be empowered is admittedly acknowledged powerlessness. From this position I must resist against the powerful. How can I conjure the courage to fight such a system in power from this position? Because the desire for freedom and equity is greater than fear and anxiety.

It is my task to question this institutionalized power that operates seemingly invisible, neutral and independent. How am I subjected to this power structure in the first place? What gives a group of individuals the rights to take away my freedom, when we all are equal? It is my individual and collective duty to criticize and unmask this system not only to alter the power relations but to dismantle it.

Freedom is not a constant struggle, but a state of liberty that is my inalienable rights as a human being. I must awaken from complacency, subjacency, and the illusory comforts simulated by this system to keep me in submission. My liberation is dependent on recognizing this truth. Revelation enacts cultural revolution!


My work emerges out of realizing western art history is not my history, my assigned gender is not my identity, and my identity is not the product of my cultural values. It is my exercise in dismantling the overlapping inequity of cultural values based on religion, gender, sexuality, race, class, and the body politics — all explored as malleable and hybrid constructs of identity. It is the results of my constant need to negotiate and weave together the contested space between cultures to find the threads that connect us all.


Thinh Nguyen – a first-generation immigrant from Viet Nam – is an interdisciplinary artist who uses his body and his being as a canvas to explore and expose aspects of race and racism, class and classism, gender, sexuality, and identity. He is known for his provocative, sometimes controversial performances that question the intersection of oppressive cultural values.

Nguyen exhibited at The Hammer Museum, REDCAT, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits, UCLA Biennial New Wright Gallery, San Diego Art Institute, Marymount University, Truman State University, California Lutheran University, Claremont Graduated University,  California State University Fullerton, Northern Seattle Community College , Coastline Community College, Whitter College, Golden West College, College Art Association, SOMArt Cultural Art Center, dA Art Center, Coachella Valley Art Center, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Barnsdall Theatre, The Los Angeles Theatre, Le Couac Contemporary, Offramp Gallery, Track 16 Gallery. He presented interventions at Guggenheim Museum, The New Museum, Museum of Modern Art: New York, Museum of Contemporary Art: Los Angeles, among others. His work has been written in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, LA Weekly, Hyperallergic, Artzealous, and in numerous online forums.