Deadnaming Altar, 2020
Found figurine, table, candles, faux flowers
40x18x18 inches

The Future is Femicide, 2020
Found wedding dress, high heels, metals
Variable dimensions

The Fault Is In His Eyes, 2019
Mirrored closet door, rape victim’s jeans
75×30 inches

The Predator Was The Prey, 2019
Boy’s church clothing, wooden stake,
variable dimensions

Alt-fact Prayer Altar, 2019
Blanket, used public bathroom glory-hole
Variable dimensions

#WeWon’tBeEreased, 2019
Acrylic on bed sheet, fluorescent lights
3 hours performance

They Revolution Is Coming, 2019
Public intervention with whistles
3 hours duration

We Are Family, 2018
Emergency blanket, pole, skin suit, headdress
3 hours endurance public performance

#MeToo, 2017
Lipstick, megaphone, flower headdress
Endurance and live vocal performance

Transformance, 2015
Repurposed dresses, lipstick
3 hours endurance performance

I Die Because, 2015
Shotgun shells, bamboo sticks
3 hours endurance performance

Self Imposed 2011 – ongoing
Archival digital prints
Variable dimensions