I Am Free


“Be free…in a world where culture is designed to oppress, being free is a revolutionary act!” – Long Long

This is Long Long latest poster for a mantra-song entitled, “Your God is , Not My God”. Curious to know more about Long Long and they inception and conception? Read my recent interview with Art & Cake by Franceasca Seiden, “Thinh Nguyen/Long Long: An Interview on Creation and the Human Condition(ing)”.


Irrational Exhibits 10th Anniversary: Mapping the Divide Curated by Deborah Oliver

Opening Performance: June 3, 2017, 7 PM
Exhibition Dates: June 4 – 10, 2017
Live performance / Installation / Video

Zenia Baltagi, Michael Bizon, Claudia Bucher, Jarred Cairns, Juan Capistran, C. Ree & Reanne Estrada, Nathalia Fagundes, Janice Gomez, Adele Han Li, Stevenmichaelarts, Curt LeMieux, Thinh Nguyen, Cindy Rehm, Lara Salmon, Eduardo Sanchez, Alexander Smith, Freddy Villalobos, Sichong Xie, and HK Zamani.

For Irrational Exhibits 10th Anniversary, I will be re-perform and re-stage a performamce I did six years ago at Track 16 for Irrational Exhibits 8, My Body Is A Battleground. As relevant as it was six years ago, it is now more urgent then ever with state our political climate for me to do this performamce with the current rate of whitewashing of marginalized identities and policing of our bodies. The oppressive systems of Whiteness continue it’s white supremacy, it needs to be examined and dismantled!