The Day Humanity Stood Still, 2020
Found globe, stool, flower origami
44x16x16 inches

Panic-demic, 2020
Pour plastic, skull, surgical mask, ribbons, pins
Variable dimensions

A Monster Among Us, 2020
Found US flag, packaging
15x16x12 inches

Late Stage Capitalism In Time of Quarantine, 2020
Limited purchased toilet paper on canvas
60×60 inches

America We Can’t Breathe, 2020
Acrylic on found painting
64×76 inches

Times I Whisper May You Rest In Peace, 2020
Found white board, marker
36×48 inches

To Eradicate Evil, 2019
Found chalkboard, wooden dowel
130×72 inches

For Bardos At Sea, 2020
Found life-saver, faux flowers, cement
24x24x10 inches

Moral Clarity, 2018
Acrylic on emergency blanket
50×82 inches

The Pursuit of Happiness, 2019
Boxing gloves, torn U.S. flag
Variable dimensions

Golden Or Death, 2019
Megaphones, rope
Variable dimensions

Mass Media, 2019
Tin cans, wire
Variable dimensions

Trophy Phishing, 2020
Repurposed fishing pole, microphone
Variable dimensions

Stand Your Ground, 2019
Found lamp, fan, beeswax candle
Variable dimensions

One Extra Chair For The Table, 2019
Found chair, chain, lock
40×20 inches

But I Was So Careful, 2019
Found condom wrappers at cruising sites
42×30 inches

In*dependence, 2019
Pill bottles, mirrors
Variable dimensions

Blood Business, 2019
Faucet, bandages, gauze
Variable dimensions